[Intro: Tobe Nwigwe]
Cory Mo
Yeah, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Yeah, yeah, ayy

[Chorus: Tobe Nwigwe & DUCKWRTH]
This song is for the wildlings without a crown (Get down)
'Cause where we from, you cannot come up 'til you get down (Get you down)
You know when we see 12 we gon' get downed, so don't make a sound (Silence)
Now bring it back around (Get down)

[Verse 1: Tobe Nwigwe]
Flow sick, hospital, every time I bust a riddle
You should feel like gettin' down (Get down)
Move your feet just a little, get to actin' like a pistol
Started bustin' on the ground (Get down)
You know I'm straight up out the lief, better watch how you speak
Real G's don't chattеr (Shhh)
From Bissonnet to Club Creek, if you loose with your teeth
Glass jaw get shattеred, ouch
But it don't matter, every hood the same
It's all a platter of disaster made
By hopeless bast*rds that been trapped in chains
Who grew up backwards and attached to pain
Ooh, ouch, but it's involuntary
The root of evil ain't necessarily monetary
My patnas tell me I'm blessed to carry the commentary
Forward to the masses that never walk past the monestary
Ooh, Holy flow
But you know me though
Always weary of the coons and the okie doke
Shout out to modern luxury for editorials that show that we smashin' the fashion, the bars and the choreo, ooh
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