Meat Loaf

"Blind as a Bat [3 Bats Live]"

I'm not afraid to show you who I am
And I am not ashamed of my life
Though I've walked alone down this cold and soulless road
I've always felt your heat in my bones

With every step I rise and fall
With everything to gain I end up losing it all
When the darkness gets in
I scream out and your light sets me free

[Verse 1]
I'm not afraid of the past no more
I'm not afraid and I'm bad for good
I used to dance to the devil's beat
If I could bust into hell I would

[Verse 2]
I'm not afraid to shed all my skin
I'm not afraid of the faults you see
I'm tearing down these walls right now
They're comin' down 'cause I believe

Your love is blind, blind as a bat
The way that you're leading me home like that
Your love is blind, blind as a bat
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