Lil Wayne

"IM A THIEF Freestyle"

n*ggas keep talking about shooting but
n*gga where yo money at
I only care about yo money
n*gga where your wallet at
Im a thief b*tch
I only kill when i have to
I ain't goin kill unless
Im getting a big stack
Im getting a big bag
f*cking yo b*tch in the back of the lac
n*gga you are built like a flask
n*gga get yo ass outta class
Run out the store wit the tag
n*gga you ain't gonna catch my ass
Rolling down the street wit my jag
n*gga im the star like the flag
Creepin on the block like an og
If you are caught n*gga you do not know me
Keep the 2 4 on me like kobe
And im shooting that sh*t like ginobli
Im walking in this b*tch like the man n*gga
No slouching gotta keep a straight stance n*gga
Two, to the three, to the four five triggers
f*ck wit the gang it might be the end of which ya
Alcohol keep oozing this might be are departure
Everybody getting drunker the some outta town truckers
Bustdown watch make me happy f*ck a snickers
Going up every ladder like im the creator
Drinking all the water i dont need a flavor
Speaking of water ill turn your ass to vapor
Gang in this b*tch we looking for them thotties
Bring me them thotties, im tryna get some nani
And i dare yo ass to stop me
n*gga shoot yo ass there goes yo body
sh*ts gonna blow up like kamikaze
I ain't no snitch my name ain't danny
But i did f*ck a b*tch name sandy
She was sucking the c*ck like a mami
n*gga f*ck with you b*tch like a thottie
n*gga made yo b*tch call me papi
Pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it
33 shots like Scottie, blow a n*gga body
Icy like Frosty
I dare a n*gga to motherf*cking stop me
Got that thirty, blow you like curry

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