ANGST lyrics



[Verse 1]
Smoking slow, sippin' slow
Man you know, it's Slick the Sloth
f*ck these pussies talkin 'bout
Homies changing over clout
Haters tryna show their doubt
Intuition in my gut, true colors coming out
Mayne, how can i give a f*ck?
b*tch, i see right trough that sh*t
Ain't no photos needed, i can paint you what the picture is
Wonder why i'm popping sticks
Wonder why i wanna quit
Write me off this paranoia, my suspicions [?]
Gaslighting and fighting, tryna' stop my f*cking shine
Northside, eastside, gave my life to G*59
Doing shows, worldwide, killing myself for $UICIDE
10 figures, still no difference
Still i wanna f*cking die
Still out asking "who am i?"
Breaking down, i start to cry
Drive right off a cliff, but hey atleast i got the newest ride
Showing y'all my truest side, deeper than somе stupid rhymes
Singing just to feel alive, this might be my last goodbyе

[Verse 2]
Mayne, i'm thinking about killing myself
Popping these pills is killing my health
All of the pain that i've been dealt
All of the pain that i done felt
Giving my hearts, until i got none left
People go down, while i go west
Detox [?]
Still wondering, if im done yet
No more Xans, no more drank
No more fent, no more crank
No more percs, no more cocaine
Still got guilt, still got shame
Seize your meds, [?]
See my dad, still in pain
Since i left, ain't been the same
Praying he don't die their way
Prolly J i hurt the most, now he popping pills and smoke
Putting bullsh*t up his nose, praying he don't overdose
You know how the story goes, my [?] like dominos
One relapse away from ghost
One relapse away from gone, coughing in my styrofoam
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