Devon Hendryx

"Lightbulbs (Generation Y)"

Welcome to the madhouse, good morning
I put a pipe bomb where your hope was forming
Don't try to escape n*gga that's your warning
You'll never get out alive hope that was common uh
Go 'til the gold collapse
Make a million off of rap just give me the sling crack
My girl said she love me, I told her to lean back
'cause I'm far too important to get caught in all that
Tell me sweet lies that'll hurt everyone
'til I hoped out the booth and she told me the truth
Nah I didn't wanna hear it but I gotta run to bed
And work through the show even though I ain't that [?]
Pair of witnesses [?] for me
Hope to God someone prays for me
While this father and daughter coll–
Ect nickles for some scraps to eat
Who will care for I while I care for she?
Let's face it on this mission, death is my intention
f*ck [?]
Plus, when I decided that I would link up with the army coalition
Simple n*ggas give me the benefit of suspicion
Some beg for chains I can't [?]
But oh my God you'd swear my check is there
And I ain't never had no f*cking father or pare–
When your life is f*cked up your guardians won't come near
f*ck a icon, I state the facts:
Farrah Fawcett?
"Couldn't act"
"Is a fag"
Taylor Swift?
"Needs a tan,"
And the worst kinda fan is a f*cking shady stan
Live by the motto: "Don't ever fold"
Wax it goes plat'
[?] it goes gold
Age of the MP3 y'all
Wanna sell records? Gotta make garbage
*Lightbulb flickers and shatters*

I'm sorry
My bad
My bad
I'm sorry
Shoutout to [?]

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