Devon Hendryx

"Operation: Kill Hannah Montana (Generation Y)"

Lord forgive me for what I'm about to do

[Verse 1]
Heavenly Father, once again
I hate to bother it over
Your proposition and I can't
Accept your offer
I'm far from being a saint and
I struggle to find a purpose (purpose)
But when I thought it over
I find heaven just ain't worth it
Sung every single hymn
Read every single verse
So much hotter that my Bible
Looks like Ricky Martin's purse
Now when I was prophesizing
Playin' preacher man's side
I set aside a little bit
Of change for a church tithe
Now with all these late bills and unpaid fees
That same f*cking tithe's now used for taxis
'Cause I don't really need your pretentious affection
Or your son's face on my chain for protection
Just thought I would mention
Sick of all this repentin'
Through talkin' to you as soon as I say amen

[Verse 2]
Racists, suck they sins and [?]
Praying for different ways
Banging at you for the day
When the rain falls down
And the truth gets drowned
And our lives go into motion (Brrr)
Killin' every n*gga floatin'
First under the water
Are the queens of dark tones
They lord to the limit
Disregarded by their own
Sleep alone on summer nights
'Cause n*ggas like they women like white right?
Everything opposite of the night
In fact heavy hitters won't even try to react
Includin' me, so f*ck off b*tch spare me your act
I'd rather be on the ground pushing kilos to zeros
Than feed one of these stank ho's egos (yeah)
Uneducated 'migo with a Master's
I met the girl of my dreams and I rode right past her

The f*ck you lookin' at?
That's right n*gga f*ck off
Get the hell out

[Verse 3]
(Uh) storing in the bases
Getting caught for sh*t that other people get away with
All around the world, it's the same sh*t
Different men in boxers show they ass when I pass
[?] 'Cause I wouldn't dare kiss it
It's just how I was raised in the city of [?]
Swallow your pride
Or lose every season like Lane Kiffin
Some will say "f*ck religion"
Others go on a mission to
Reach a [?] and convert
Them back into Christians (Christians)
It's the hoods that I'm missin'
You listenin'?
Not the thickest bush in the room
But I'm van der Sloot, and f*ck 'em
I was born to make these rednecks fear me
Gauge out their eyes and make these pixies see clearly
Anna, I know you miss my khaki polo cap
Ever since your body declared war and your heart attack
It was a journey but I don't regret a mile
I was starin' at the tumor
That's when I heard a rumor
All crackers is racist
n*ggas just complain
And Obama still f*ckin' up
Thoughts of a champion
I'm livin' like a martyr in this whitewashed world
'Cause life's a rich white man who hates black girls
And Johnny Man says "n*ggas like they be [?]
I got b*tches in the coupe just like Huey Newton, Shoot!
It ain't no squares in this circle: you boxed out
I treat you like these rappers and actors
So I got nothin' but cause for these crackers
Chicken for these coons
Slap a **** with the Quran:
Jesus loves you motherf*cker

Think I'm scared of you huh?
f*ck you n*gga
f*ck you
f*ck you
f*ck n*ggas
f*ck b*tches
f*ck Obama
f*ck everybody
We through with this sh*t

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