Dylan Brady

"​minecraft sex party*"

[Intro: Yungster Jack]
(Dylan Brady)
Minecraft, turn up
(Gec) (David)
Minecraft, turn up
(Yungster Jack)
Don't stop mining, don't stop grinding
That's the motto, don't stop mining, don't stop grinding

[Verse 1: Yungster Jack]
I got diamonds on my chest I-
I got I got diamonds on my chest
Minecraft girlfriend, she want sex
Yeah, got a Minecraft girlfriend, yeah she want sex
P-P-Punchin' on a tree
With my bros, I'm punchin' on a tree
Nitemare pack, I'm smokin' weed
I can't f*ck with creepers, I can't f*ck with TNT

[Verse 2: Yungster Jack]
Gec, gec, gec gec gec gec gec
Gec gec gec gec gec, gec, turn up, let's go!
I'm turnt up everywhere, even the Nether
I'm turnt up everywhere, check the weather
I need some bow & arrows, yeah I need some feathers
If you fall into the lava, it's for the better
Ender pearls, Ender portal, let's go
Make a pick with all of my bros
Bro, (uh) brewing up a potion, finna throw
I got the seed, imma watch that sh*t grow

[Verse 3: David Shawty]
Watch it go
I'ma watch it go
He can't f*ck with me because he is a creeper
I got Minecraft shawties dancin' on my wiener
Soul sand, yeah, movin' so slow
You was hustlin', you spent diamonds on a hoe
I'ma smack you if you come too close
Minecraft sex party, I'ma f*ck all of these hoes
I'ma f*ck all of these hoes
I'ma f*ck all of these hoes
I'ma build them a house and then f*ck 'em inside

[Verse 4: Laura Les]
B-b-blowin' up a creeper, let's go
I don't blow up phones, I stomp on 'em, let them pose (Let's go!)
OMG, said let's get all this bread
I'll text you back OK, I might go and steal your head
Yeah, I build a lot of sh*t
How many diamonds can I get
Put 'em all in a sword
Everything I can find, put it all in a sword, oh
Put it all in a sword
You didn't catch that creeper, now it's gone, everything's gone now

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