Dylan Brady

"​fallen 4 Ü"

[Verse 1: Laura Les]
I took a dive in the back, hit my head
Lost my keys, broke my phone, plus I came here all alone
Now somebody's pressed against me, I'm already sweaty
Do it all again next week, I guess that means that I'm a freak

[Bridge: Laura Les]
'Cause you're the only one who sings the only songs I like
And I'm tearing up my throat to make sure you can hear my voice
And my friend says I'm pathetic, but I've never regretted
I know I'm hopeless, but I hope you feel the same about me

[Chorus: Dylan Brady]
First saw you in the back of the mosh pit
Going so crazy, listening to Toxik
I can't see the band, everybody's f*cking hands
I don't know what we'll be, but sure enough I've fallen for you

[Post-Chorus: Dylan Brady]
But sure enough I've fallen for you
But sure enough I've fallen for you

[Verse 2: Dylan Brady]
I was standing there at the show
And I saw your face in the crowd
I don't know what happened
Something like magic
But sure enough I've fallen for you
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