Dylan Brady


[Intro: Laura Les]
We could be put away for a long time for this
We could go away for a long time for this

[Verse: Laura Les]
Wait wait wait for the dungeon
I could already tell it was that kind of day
My God, it feels like a demon had [?]
Get away, get away from me
You're releasing our favourite victim
Its not about the body
Its about how fast we can put out the pick up line

[Verse: Dylan Brady]
Why so serious?
I ask myself that every f*cking morning [?] and staring across
House, already at a knife
Please don't ask me out but they don't feel right
So I take what I want and I can't turn back
Walk into town in a big black mask
Taking all the sh*t that I want
Do I ever think I'm gonna get caught?
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