Dylan Brady


Shawty make it drop like a, drop like a woo!
IPhone, brrr
Shawty make it drop like a
Shawty make it drop like a, drop like a woo!

[Verse 1]
Coney island, I'm corny I'm floating
Can't catch me like oney
Show me my opponent
Oh they so low yeah I know that they know it
The ball with the bag watch me catch it then throw it
Wh-What is so funny? I caught them for passin
They don't really know me
They say that they know me
I stay money minded no I cannot hide it
I stay on the cheese like a damn pepperoni
Fl-Flippin the script, I feel like a physician
They trippin, wishin they could take my position
Co-Commas comе in and then comma come in back around
I'm glad that I stuck to the vision
Pa-Papеr on paper, I put it together
Deliver some paper, rectangular prism
You hate it, you hate it
I made it, I made this
To make up my mind to continue the mission
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