Bec Hill translates “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” (Edith Piaf) lyrics


Unknown Artist

No, rear-to-rear
Ronald regret rear
Need a beer
For my face
(Need a mouth)
To some, maybe a gull?
Nom! Rear, the rear
Gnaw Jean Reno's great rear
Say: Pay yeah!
Bali yeah!
Oobly yeah!
German pudding myself
I made a mess soup on knee
She a loo made of fur
Mr. Grammar Police
Drawn a blue person door
Valley it is a moor
Have they clawed tremor LOL
Bally yay portal shoe
Juror parrots they roll
No Rihanna rear
Nnor sh nuh reglekt ree uhh...
Need to be a former fair need a mall
To sell my vinegar!
(Motorbike noisеs.)
Something something regrеt something
Karma V
Garbage drawer
Who was she?
Suck them off Avatar!
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