Unknown Artist

"The Beginning"


Lately been strugglin' to function
Startin' to feel like i'm crumblin'
I'm losing my weight
I'm losing my way
This world is all but a game

Tell you a lie
Tell you i'm fine
Tell you it, twice
Turn up the beats ( yuh,yuh,yuh)
And gimmie some f*cking peace

Give me a day
I'm still in this game
Give me a time
I lost my pride
Lend me a sec
I'm feelin' a wreck
Need a reality check

Chuck me a lighter
I'm lighting this dart
Been lighting up the past 12 months
Cig is still lit
Said i would quit
I'm sick and tired of all this sh*t

Got the aux playing on full blast
Get the blunts lit 'em all up
Let me catch a f*cking break now
Driving round the whole town
Hoping things slow down

I guess it's all done
I admit there was fun
I took astep back
And now im relaxed
I'm still in this race
I'm gaining my pace
I'm on my way to a better place

No time for dunts
No time for stunts
I'm aiming for ace
Don't look for my trace
Remember the name before the face

Yeah nah that's a banger bro

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