Cold Hearted lyrics


Unknown Artist

[Verse One: Aktlast]
f*ck if I remember right
You were the star that caused the light
I'm smiling through the pain, lost in the rain
Think I'm going insane
I would drink a bottle just to drown away
All the f*cking pain today
Got the scars on my fists to reminisce the past
And all the things you did that day
I think I'm going insane
Man I'm dealing with all of this pain
Wait hold up a minute, I'm just falling down
The path of madness gonna take me
She gone drink a bottle, claim that she the victim
But her murderer's not to be in sight
b*tch I'm laughing through the pain, smiling through the pain
But her knife is piercing my heart

[Verse Two: 3stan]
Straight shot, through the heart
I don't know where to start
Ima keep this sh*t simple
Deep down I feel evil
I mean truly, no Knievel
If I could watch you burn a million times I'd be cheesin'
I can't feel my heart beating
Maybe I'm a f*cking demon
The fact that you're breathing has me seething
I swear my soul's been eaten
I don't feel like a human man
I'm gonna f*cking lose it
I just keep shooting 'till they stop moving
Or until the blood splatter gets to be too much for me to handle
What's the matter? Are you scared?
Are you there? Hello?
I can hear you breathing
No you aren't f*cking dreaming
b*tch you better stop screaming
I'll kill you if you give me a reason
I'll hunt you down, like it's thot season
This ain't a game, my insides are in flames but my heart is cold as ice
[Outro: 3stan]
You give it long enough and you'll see the boy who was once here has died
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