Socio lyrics


Young Buck


Young Buck Verse:

Pick the harley up on one wheel
Told menace im pulling up in compton it's a done deal

Cookie jars keep my lungs sealed
b*tch it’s buckshotz pray to god that no one's killed

Bought the neighborhood and gangstas out
A country n*gga did it it's something to think about

Still scrapping the ground in low low on these broke hoes
I got rich off rich off the sh*t you put in yo nose

Choppa on me while i’m sliding down marrow's
Watch for the hellos everybody don't sell those

Khaki shorts and some longs socks
Stroder i'm fingeroll getting bankroll from a known thot

I don't need yours i brought my own Glock
These pussies played with my name like
I'm gonе stop

I only stayed in this game cuz therе's no Pac
And i'm not finish popping up a few opps

24Kay Verse:

It’s crazy how buc wanna get them opps
I got them things mailed thru the ziploc

Pull up on my block you get plenty shots
Shots fired shots fired we will not stop

Bodies drop and the cops run
We the outlaws it ain’t no fun

Take yo chain and shoot yo gun
That's how 24 and buc get it done
She looking good imma just hit and dip
If they get me i plead the fifth

Out the next day cuz i got them chips
When you big dog you don’t get no lip

I'm crusin compton hangin out the whip
Got the yak imma just take a sip

Yardmon dem just roll the spliff
We the OGs man you wanna whiff
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