The Great Gatsby lyrics


Elvis Martinez

[Ludus: Hook I]
When you f*ck with me, man you gone see what’s gonna happen
I hate motherf*ckers that ain’t talking just be asking
Don’t f*ck with nobody because everyone be masking
Why they tryna race? I got ‘em running while I’m laughing

[Lüdus: Verse 1]
That boy be pimping again
I been sick with the pen, while they run like a hen
Run me three laps, matter fact run me ten
Running the show, no one better than them
Cut off the beat like I’m cutting a hen
Cook that sh*t up, and I eat it again
And I do it again and again and again
Hitting yo girl and I’m getting it in
That’s what you get for just talking again
I compete with my myself, While I’m racing with Lü and I’m and better than him
This levels up like I’m the Revenant
Oh f*cking dammit, I did again
[Ludus: Hook II]
While you run your sh*t, you know your girl I’m steady clapping
If you want it, you’ll see like your girl what I be packing
Ain’t even gotta pay cause truth be told man I ain’t stackin 🤣
I am like great Gatsby but sometimes I just be JACKing
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