Logan Mize

"Who Didn’t"

[Verse 1]
Who didn't drive in granddaddy's lap
Skin their knee when the tire got flat
Have old wooden spoons hanging up on the wall of the kitchen
Yeah, who didn't

[Verse 2]
Who didn't get their hair cut at the house
Swim in a pool that was all above ground
Have one pair of boots for work and they went to church in 'em
Yeah, who didn't

Work like hell
Pray in the huddle
Cruise 'round a two-lane no name bubble
Put it in park for some cold beer kissing
We didn't know anybody who didn't
Mow their own yard
Fill their own tank
Check on the temp on the sign at the bank
Not everybody lived in thosе city limits
But we didn't know anybody who didn't

[Verse 3]
Yeah who didn't have a swing out on thе porch
Burn up their fingers every July 4th
Save up for a new used car with the hubcap missing
Yeah, who didn't
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