JT Machinima

"Meet the Crew (Remastered)"

[Verse 1: Scout]
Gotcha head spinnin', runnin' circles around ya'
With my baseball bat, that I'm usin' to pound ya'
I'll be up-in-ya'-face in the blink of an eye
No I don't got wings, but I don't need 'em to fly
With a couple double-jumps, I'll be fleein' the zone
Pick up your intel quick, and I'm bringin' it home
I'm a pretty big deal, that's the honest truth
I mean, do you even know who you're talkin' to?

[Verse 2: Soldier]
Stand high, maggots, stand at attention
Learn from a soldier who's reached perfection
Forward charge! With my R.P.G
Helmet so low, I can hardly see!
Bam! Rockets jumpin' all over the place
Finish you punks with a shovel to the face
If that don't kill you, it'll break your nose
I hope you weasels are taking notes!

[Verse 3: Pyro (Distorted)]
Welcome to my magical candy land
Where smiles are from ear to ear
And everyone loves each-other
Come and spread the cheer!

Fire! Fire! Fire! Ah-ha-ha-ha
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