JT Machinima

"Shoulders to Stand on"

Verse 1 (Rustage):
Not a monster, not a human either
Flashes of the past and future in my mind a burning fever
Preachers masquerade as leaders, all in place to try deceive us
Now the walls are under siege so see which one of us is weaker
Feel myself gaining in strength
From the day they took my mother which replays in my head
I will pay my respects, I'm the angel of death
Now I aim for the space on the nape of the neck
Soldier, it's the scout regiment that I'm serving
When Titans come in disturbing disarming 'em all like Erwin
Like Armin I'll leave em burning and hack a man I'm a whirlwind
Discovering the secrets my father left that I'm learning
It's an act of god, slice em down like Vagabond
Raising up the walls like Hammurabi did in Babylon
They babble on, these bureaucrats did nothing for the poor
But nobody expected to be fighting in a hidden war

Chorus (JT Music):
I was born free within a prison of walls
Because I knew they'd never hold me so I let them fall
Now I'm consumed with rage, blind to reason
Revenge I will take, nigh is freedom
I'm watchin' 'em tower but I'm standing tall
Cuz I want the power of 'em all
Even if this is suicide it'll be you and I
On the ride till the end
But not for me, only humanity
Come take my hand
I'll give you shoulders to stand on
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