Blac Youngsta

"1 2 3"

[Intro: Blac Youngsta]
(X.O. think he all that)
It's 2020
And I ain't got time for no fake-ass sh*t, n*gga
I'm straight thuggin', pus*y
I'm back to the basics, n*gga
(Zoom, zoom, twenty-one, oh, X.O., twenty-one, oh, X.O.)
Don't come to me with no brother brother sh*t, n*gga
I ain't your brother, your mama ain't had me, pus*y-ass n*gga
I don't know your pappy
One, two, three, let's go

[Chorus: Blac Youngsta]
Rolls Royce truck but my windows ain't tinted (Gang)
Traphouse jumpin' like a Wendy's or a Denny's (Woo)
He ain't stoppin' sh*t, I decide when I finish (Nope)
Racist-ass judge, he decide who get sentenced (Ho)
She a bad b*tch, eat the pus*y like a spinach
She'll suck di*k on the way to the dentist
I ain't never leavin' my b*tch, she a dime (Nope)
Why would I switch out a dime for a penny? (Go)

[Verse 1: Moneybagg Yo]
Trap out the drip, this a Dior hoodie (Sauce)
Stash on full, need somewhere to put it (Where?)
FN on me with the blue tip bullets (Clutch)
Thinkin' it's a prop 'til I up it (Then), pull it (Bow)
Paparazzi on me and the fans keep askin' (What?)
"Why you swap the bougie b*tch out for a ratchet?" (Why?)
Championship ring like a small face Patek (Win it)
Lambo' truck and car parked at the mansion (Skrrt)
I met her in June, she let me hit soon
She ate the di*k like a prune (Uh-uh)
I hop in the vroom, the bass go boom
Call me Lil Boosie, I zoom (Scratch off)
I'm still on that hood sh*t, ridin' with a full clip (Hunnid)
Tank top Fruity Loom (Right now)
I'm with some buffoons that walk up and face sh*t
Now you a hot air balloon (Go)
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