"No Problems"

We don’t got no problems over here
The money looking right
All my boys they good for life, yea
We been balling every single year
Couple thousand for the night
We not ever switching sides, yeah
They keep talking bout me over there
We don’t ever let it go
We don’t need em anymore, yeah
Now I always gotta make it clear
I been doing all I know
I done made it on my own yeah

[Verse 1]
Took a break like 6 months I came back and I still got it
I be like their favorite show cuz everybody been binge watching
I be on the next episode my life a movie, I been popping
I give it back to the fans cuz they love the sh*t that I been dropping
I know
Said I don’t wanna famous
Promise I’ll never be changing
Everyone asking bout favors
We haven’t spoken in ages
Top 5 in my town
Now they coming around
Never bringing me down
Built it up from ground
Now they asking me how
More money more problems
Every time I been solving
Whole time I been all in
No surprise I be balling
All hundreds like Blueface
I been making a new wave
Only speaking that boss talk don’t take L’s like Cool J
Keep it down for that woo woo
They my brothers no new new
Used to ask like who you
Now they watching like Hulu
Turn the boy to a man now
Couple mil in my plan now
Making noise when I walk through
Don’t follow up if they fall through
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