"My Way"

[Verse 1]
People talk a lot when they never got something good that they say
I just leveled up and I never stop for nobody that’s in my way
They been watching me and they tryna say that my plays have all been fake
I just came back from that Eurotrip, I’ve been living out a suitcase
I got real problems that I deal with
I seen adults acting like children
I got no time to go back and forth with people caught in their feelings
I been focused on myself
I been focused on my health
I been making moves I don’t advertise cuz I know that time will tell, yeah

I know how it goes, I know how it goes down
Everybody knows, everybody knows now
Moving on my own, moving on the low now
I don’t need no help, I don’t need no handouts
Look out
See me
My life
I be
Don’t lie
To me
On top
No way
I stop
All day
I play
Got it
My way
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