I been going crazy lately, I been feeling reckless
And I know that people talking bout me, they be jealous
Put that money where your mouth is, we ain’t get the message
All these rappers lacking, they be looking like some extras
Everybody talk but never got sh*t to say, whatup
When I come through and see what’s good they never gon act the same, shut up
Something ain’t right when I do the math cuz the numbers don’t explain, hold up
Never met you so you not my friend, I’m with day ones they stayed, come up

[Verse 1]
Can’t see me I’m moving different
Best foot forward, never slipping
Challenge me that’s a bad decision
No bullsh*t that Scottie Pippen
Killshot and I’m never missing
They calling me and I never listen
Better stay in your place
Get out my way
Unless you be heaven wishing
I ain’t here to make no friends
No buddy buddy
It’s all business
Counting money and counting women
It’s a lifestyle of the young riches
Comma comma in the bank account
It’s a phone number with new digits
You pus*y and your manager
I count it up and that’s two b*tches
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