"Never Told"

Moving at the speed of light
Going til the day I die
I been getting ready for the ride
Working every single night
Never feeling satisfied
I been getting ready for the ride
Every time I write I put my heart in this
I gave my all to this
And now I’m ready for the consequence
So if they ever take my soul
This the story that I never told

[Verse 1]
We on different levels
But got the same issues
Looking at somebody else’s life it’s artificial
I wish I had their crib
Wish I had their lifestyle
I wonder if they sad or they always keep a smile
Cuz everything they got, all I ever need
Buying what they want
Buying what they see
How can they be sad
Their life figured out
Then I thought about
All the sh*t they going through
They don’t post about
Notice how
Finally got what I wished for
I was happy for a few months
Now I wanna get a lot more
Cuz it only feels good once
Back then I would dream about
Things that seem so normal now
The sh*t I got just laying around
sh*t that I don’t even think about
Like damn
Maybe I want too much
Maybe I see too much
Maybe I shouldn’t think bout just getting more but settle down with what I got
I can’t
Cuz I’m not the type to settle down
I’ll never stop
I want the world
I won’t ever fall
If it kills me then I love you all
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