Raja Kumari

You know that feeling when you just get off the plane in Bombay
You put the windows down and feel the wind in your hair
You see those blue skies, and you're mesmerized by your people
All that brown skin all that brown skin
High like heroine
Feel that Cali wind

Pune, had the biggest show I ever visioned
Thank you, I stuck a fork in all my competition
Everybody been talking but they never listen
Hit record, you don't wanna miss it
I'm the coach and I'm the one benching ya
All the while, I've been self-sufficient
All the while, I've been on a mission
Old friends say Raja's missing
Can't fool me, get deuces
Blueprint, man I bet they use it
Try to crucify me just like Jesus
Imma sacrifice for all my people
Cool down, yah
Had to cool down
Don't need no heater, heater
Got some cousins tryna sneak over
No visa, visa
I'm doing 95 going straight to the Eastside, Eastside
b*tch I'm coasting now like Costa Rica
Two lives and two timezones
Two cars and I own homes
That curry sauce in my chromosomes
My DNA makes strong bones
I wrote the hook to your favorite songs
I was the one they were waiting on
Went through the fire like Chaka Khan
Birdy told me go touch the city
One in a million, Aaliyah
I cared for you when you didn't care
Diva just like Beyonce
Eye covered like Left Eye, but my third eye is on Bombay now
No stars, too much smoke
Clear the dust, don't lose hope
Fill my lungs, I let it go
Epic said I'm too real
I compromised a lot but still
They said it's love, I disappeared on them
Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no
Raja changed the game again
I had to do it slow
Did it on my lonely man that's everything I know
I needed to reload
Take time that's how it goes
Time keeps passing me
Pop that sh*t like a rubber band
Gotta hit 'em twice, so they understand
Got high with Future, he said You da future
And I know that future ain't never planned
Feeling like I been Diddy man
All this time I've been making bands
Calls for Timbaland
Legends always around
They want the formula
Write for him, write for her
Daddy said, why you move from America
I did all the work just to get you here
Now you ran back down to India
Swear to God, people waited on me, waited on me
They cloned me, they tried to clone me
Said I was too big boned for my homies
Then I went and dropped City Slums
Thanks to Bombay, that's for Bombay
Turned the tables when I flipped the script
And I hopped the label
Brown girl got Mass Appeal
NAS told me, you da bridge, you gonna save them
Living legend like Rahman
Run this city like Shahrukh Khan
Keys to the west
Come f*ck with the best
I do this sh*t for Hindustan (Kumari)
I put my crown on that Indian weave
You land in my town, then come see me
I swear to God it's my time time now
You'll never forget me
I swear to God
I'm every woman, just like Whitney
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