Quadir Lateef

"Gem In Eye"

I'm scared of being trapped in a box
I'm scared of spreading thin
Mama told me to knock em out
She can't come back again
I'm scared of leaving earth with no mark or just a
I'm scared of fam worn on a shirt you know the screen
The devil is a liar and fear is of him im cautious
I'm cautious being judged by a jury full of the caucus

I use shea butter from Ghana
Thailand the sauna
Bag probably designer
Rihanna, Madonna
Mind state from Jigga
Replace a n*gga
Hair natural as hell
Get paid go figure
Picnics and books
Strip clubs and bottles
4 days i cook
Most days i model
Big legs in summer
Big hair the cold
Chill humble as well
Black smart and bold

Double dutch and cookout
Edibles and vibes
Shaped like a goddess
Foreign the ride
Mood stay Beyonce
Smile like the sun
Prolly be a fiance
Before its all done

pus*y don't push me
Ain't even got time got a lot on my mind
Definite crunch time and i gotta get mine
Even Ate with the 45 like a quarter to 9
They tryna stop how i shine
Which one of us crooks
When the governments array
So we learned from the best
They try to kill us everyday
Still a predator just a level up grandma telling you to
They Go low and we go so high
We dont make it everyday

Nightmares of meaning well and being killed for it
Fighting options of working fair or going to steal for it
Because the truth is in the end we get the same box
Nipsey Hussle and Martin Luther held the same spot
The same blocks they killed my cousin they sold fish
And the 5 percent of the real end up the 6th sinner
I preach the zen but hit the pen with the haze
Go meditate in the rain
My chakras off i need my sh*t centered
Post traumatic stressin So the blicki a blessing
Used to say carry the cross but even jesus wept the 9
The protection
Feeling trapped in these bars
Notice the fun house mirrors
Try to be free won't get far
Go wipe yo smile clearer
The minute you pose a threat
The minute ya souls in debt
Cuz they never dealt with layers of wealth
So they tryna go collect
But me i go archie bunker for the fam and the bloodline
Learned aim round Jefferson
Click Dynomite
Thats a good time

(Quadir Lateef verse)

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