"Yikes (Remix)"

Start that b*tch up, Mike
First freestyle of 2020 man (Let's do it)
The queen just dropped, so you already know how I'm comin' (Let's do it)
Big Dreezy, big sh*t talker (Uh-huh)

You know when I step, I'm on their necks
Nothin' but the press and the cameras (Flashing)
My n*gga fine, but I ain't talkin' 'bout his looks when I say, bae, "Hand some" (Wet 'em up)
You know it's February and I'm culture heavy, give a [?], black panther
I pull up, what the f*ck is you staring for?
Oh they ain't seen the gold in the Lamb' truck? (Hell nah)
Yeah, yeah, bro keep a tool in the cut
Then pull up like who gon' do what
I'm [?] with that ladder, [?] Gorilla Glue up, you gon' think it's a zoo in the truck
You know how we slide
Get your whole crew [?] up
Ain't no ducking, they knew it was us
In the penthouse, I'm throwing it back with the panorama rare view in the front (Ooh)
I leave the booth, I see death and corpses (Bodies)
I pull up, it's a derby race, nothin' but Porsche's and horses (Skrt skrt)
Bro got a 30 under 30, I ain't talking Forbes list
Pray for my ex, I heard his new b*tch rocking Black Forces (Sorry to that man)
Bring the beat to me, it's a problem
I cook it onsight, Benihuna (Cook, cook)
Look sweet, but you gotta watch her
Touching on you 'till I feel your wallet (More money)
I'm really tryna stay humble
If they think they forget, I remind 'em
My momma made me a bad b*tch, my daddy told me to ball like Gianna (Ball)
I ain;t know hood bopper, I can teach you to jug propper (We scammin' out here)
I heard you a sh*t talker, how really your jewellery copper (Eww)
In the club throwin' ones, looking for the best pus*y popper (Mhm)
Be cool n*gga, you ain't have stripes since you worked at the Foot Locker
n*gga who you know ride what they spit and fly for a living, get that money and split it up (Bag)
At the show, probably signing some tities, all my b*tches pretty and paid, we just live it up
f*ck who ain't with it, they ain't as big as us
Yeah, lil' b*tch, you was lit, but it's dimming now
When the Barbie say, "Get 'em", I got 'em
OK backwards, K.O. , finished
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