Paul Robeson

"Round the Bend of the Road"

Nobody knows the hour
Nobody knows the day
But sure as steeple
Point to heaven
The day ain’t far away
Someone will blow the trumpet
Someone will beat the drum
And love will be
The golden key
Through the gates of kingdom come

There’ll be no more pickin’
No more choosin'
No more winnin'
No more losin’
No more askin’
And no refusin’
Round the bend of the road

There’ll be green, green pastures
Nothing weedy
Blue, blue heaven
For the needy
Dark, dark shadows
Just for the greedy
Round the bend of the road

Those with something
They got nothing
'Less they’re humble and nice
We with nothing
Have got something
Acres of paradise

Where there’s no more hoein’
No more ploughin’
No more grumblin'
No more rovin’
No more scrapin’
No more bowin’
Round the bend of the road

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