Ambassadors Night lyrics


Clyde Carson

[Intro: Clyde Carson, E-40, Big Von]
*phone rings*
(The Ambassador)
40, what up? It's Carson
We're on our way to the club, man
Make sure it's good, pimp

Tonight is the night of all nights. You know Big Von got it going down at the Ambassador's Lounge for Celebrity Fridays. And tonight, you know we got special guests. Respected by the thugs, loved by the rippers. They increased the sale of Pro Styl Gel and beauty supply slippers. The Team's gon' be in the building tonight. It's finna be off the motherf*ckin' hook

[Verse 1: Clyde Carson]
It's a good look, hoes outside
Got a violent party 'cause it's cold outside
Takе a peek at my seat, n*ggas'll find
That hood sh*t, good sh*t
I'm hood rich, parked on a beat
Pockеts full of hundreds, b*tch parked on my seat
Bathing Apes on the feet, so discreet
I got a whole lotta hoes to meet, ayy
Jump out, club's crackin'
b*tches outside — you see how they actin'
All over Clyde 'cause they know I be rappin'
Carson got 'em where they can't control they actions
They all be askin', "Take me home"
Want me to play daddy like they ain't grown
Fondle 'em and feed 'em but they ain't know
I was raised to play this good game I'm on
[Interlude: Girl 1 & Girl 2]
- Girl, that sh*t was hot. What's really?
- Let's go f*ck with Ant and Rell
- Girl, f*ck them n*ggas. I'm tryna f*ck with The Team
- Which one?
- Clyde, Mayne Mannish, Jungle, it don't matter. But really, I'm tryna f*ck with Kaz
- So where they at?
- They at the Wood...
- You got the suite number?
- Yeah, I got it

[Verse 2: Kaz Kyzah]
Got a bad b*tch on Kaz spit
Mack class ditch, any bad b*tch
With me, she know it's no attachments
Heat it up, stab it, beat it up, that's it
Bad chick deservin' a bad di*k
But f*ck it, if it's average, you know I'm gon' have sh*t
Any chick had this know I do it well
'Til you find her sidekick cryin' on the voicemail
Hotels (More E's), more bail (More weed)
Choose well (Chose me), now she's (Both knees)
Ain't a secret, I'm the best out
Treat it like I'm fresh out, even when the test out
Couch to the floor, floor to the ceiling
I soar, Kaz in the building
I go Dummy, wil' out
Come here, it's about time that you found out
[Interlude: Kaz Kyzah, Girl]
- Damn, that sh*t was lightweight poppin'
- Yeah, it was cool
- I'm glad you came and f*cked with a n*gga
- Really?
- I'm kinda feelin' you, though
- Mmm
- Except for them damn boots
- f*ck you, Kaz
- Ha, them Escos, right? But your sexy ass need to come here, man. Take that off
- Yeah, I'll show you what the boots is

[Verse 3: Kaz Kyzah]
She said she want me to touch it, want me to rub it
Dive in, beat it up, want me to thug in it
I don't love her, I ain't her husband
That's why she like it rough every time we f*ckin'
Dangerous man, but I ain't a player
Club straight but I hope that we stay together
It's strange to tell I want her bad
'Cause I feel like she won't f*ck with Kaz
She like it rough, tough, knees on the stool
Hard back shots with her hair getting pulled
We bang out, Team do the fool
n*ggas gettin' head in the back of the coupe
I got private dancers that I recruit
Pull up on cue on vodka proof
The coupe lose the roof and they get loose
Lose they clothes but I keep the boots
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