Frank Zappa

"Earl Of Duke"

FZ: That is the sound of a very short cymbal. It's a finger cymbal. It's something that's normally worn on the finger, and another one is worn on the thumb. The thumb and the finger are beaten together with these two little metal things to make it go ding, ding, ding. George Duke is now applying an ingenious technique, to the finger cymbal itself, as a prelude, a preamble to some sort of fantastic keyboard solo that he's going to invent for you right here on the spot. We don't know what he's going to do. We never know what George is going to do, and perhaps it's best for all of us. It'd better be best for all of us
George: I'm getting to like that. That was called a push beat
FZ: I thought it was a grace note
Napoleon: I thought it was a booger bear
FZ: Yes, you— you would think so
George: But then, as he was thinkin' about whether it was a booger bear or not, somethin' happen'd
FZ: Well . .
George: Just like it did last show. And somethin' started a-rumblin' . . . And then all of a sudden . . . It got LOUDER! And it got LOUDER! And it got LOUDER until I couldn't stand it!

George: WOW! Goodness gracious! And then somethin' . .
FZ: Oh, why don't you sharpen it then?
George: Something else happened. It was midnight. And Ruth wouldn't come through
FZ: Midnight in the laboratory of a nationally known mad scientist
George: I told her. I told her, I said, "It ain't gonna hurt you." But then . .
FZ: But then. But then

Can you feel it now

You know what I'm talking about, Napi
I'm comin' down in a minute . .
I'm comin' down there
(Come on, down, come on!)

FZ: Ruth has got the lick alright. Go on, Ruth
Ruth: Give the gong player some!
FZ: Give the— Give the gong player some. Now we're gonna continue on, we're just gonna melt away into another tune. This is a love song of sorts, you know, it's a little bit tweaked, but . . . it's one of those ones you gotta stick in the show somewhere there. Ready? One, two, three, four . .

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