Frank Zappa

"“I Heard A Note!”"


FZ: Come on in


FZ: Listen. We quit at midnight

Neighbor: Nobody quits [...]

FZ: Look—


Roy: It bounced off that building

?: Oh. Shut the bathroom window

Froggie?: Yeah, Frank, when the bathroom door's open [...]

FZ: [...] the cops'll be all over this f*cking place. He's the guy that lives across the street that complains once a month at least. He just— He's a guy that likes to sleep at night. All right, let's get out of here


Novi: [...] Sunset Boulevard. It's not like in a quiet country [...]

FZ: No, he lives back there

Novi: Oh

Denny?: That's his hard life.[...]

FZ: Yeah, I know. But apparently if it goes out that window, all it does is rattle around in the middle of [...]


FZ: He's one of those guys that waits—

Froggie?: I heard one! I heard a note!

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