Frank Zappa

"“Two For The Price Of One”"

FZ: You wanna hear "Montana," huh? . . . Let's see, ah . . . Okay, I'll tell you what we'll do, ah . . . We'll give you two for the price of one, see? We'll— We'll do "Montana," and, uh—but first we'll do another song—this song never gets played anymore, you know, it's— This song never was a hit, and it never will be a hit, but in spite of that fact, we figured that it's exactly what you need here tonight. I mean, Ron Delsener made this all possible just so you can hear this song. The name of which is "p*nis Dimension" . . . So if you guys can change your music around up there, right? . . . One . . . Yeah, we'll play "Dinah-Moe Humm" later, so stop asking for it . . . Now just behave, 'cause we're recording this, so behave, okay? . . . One, two, three . .

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