Frank Zappa

"What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are [Hybrid Concert]"

What's a girl like you
Doin' in a place like this?

I left my place after midnight
And I came to this hall
Me and my girlfriend, we came here
Lookin' to ball

You came to the right place
This is it
This is the swingin-est place
In New York City

(Chorus line) NO sh*t!
How true it is
Me and my girlfriend, we come here
Every night looking for that
Hot romance we need
We like to get it on --
Do you like to get it on, too?

Well now, what did you have in mind?

Okay: well I get off bein' juked
With a baby octopus
An spewed upon with cream corn! AAH... UNH!
An' my girlfriend, she digs it
With a hot YOOHOO bottle
While somebody's screamin':
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