“The Finest Night Of The Year” [Live At The Palladium - 10/31/81 - Show 1] lyrics


Frank Zappa

Okay. You look lovely tonight! Okay. Okay. Okay, wait-wait. Yeah, I know he does

Alright, as you all know, this is Halloween, the finest night of the year, and you are in the right place at the right time. Tonight's show, the first show is being videotaped and the second show goes out live via satellite, and will also be videotaped and the whole thing, both shows and all the encores and everything will be edited together to make one big thing later

So, just gonna... so I hope the cameras don't cause you any inconvenience, please cooperate with them, don't give them any trouble, and, uh, we'll try to make the show go as smoothly as possible in spite of the fact that it's on TV. Okay? Now, I can't sign everything all at once, so I'll try and... thank you. I'll try and get to it later. Okay. These are Martian flowers? Wonderful. Well, I'll put these over here. Here's a guy who'd look good with them

Let me introduce you to everybody. This is Ray White on guitar and vocals. Tommy Mars on keyboards. Scott Thunes on bass. Chad Wackerman on drums. Ed Mann on percussion. Bobby Martin on keyboards. And our little Italian virtuoso, Steve Vai, on guitar and et cetera. You want me to spank him, is that the deal? Maybe later, he needs it. Okay. We are now going to play some selections for you from our new album which has been, well, let's just that the radio stations have been kind of ignoring it a little bit. That's... oh! Alright. No, no, no, we gotta start the show now. You ready?
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