"Pantsu Ripper"

It's senpai season

I've been making money, why y'all hating sh*t
I'm the realest senpai, y'all n*ggas just counterfeit
My swag drippin' like your sister, when she hear me spit
I can leave off for a year, and still be making grip, ain't that a b*tch

Go and rip off shawty thigh highs
Turn sh*t quick to a hentai
Send her a text, she gon' reply
Transform Super Sentai
Shawty wanna show me oppai
Fiend for that sh*t can't lie
Collect your b*tch like Kantai
Leave her wet when I'm inside

[Verse 1]
I'm a hard OD
I'm a G.O.D
Ecchi Kami on the scene f*cking three lolis
I'm the opposite of clean, I'm grimy obscene
Got my schlong in her spleen
For a neko, I'm a fiend
Rippin' sh*t, make these hama split
Work the shoujos on different continents
Sippin' sake, she lose consciousness
Love a succubus with her devil kiss
Makin' these racks, I don't know how to act
Ecchi n*gga to the max, got some boxes in the stash
[?] swag with a link to the past
Treat the box like a pot, Senpai gon' smash
Homie that sh*t's on the regular
They treat my di*k like it's something spectacular
Negro otaku when I come I'm vernacular
Give her my soul, it's like Soul Caliber
Amateurs not on my level
We killed this beat, we gon' need a few shovels
I'm chuckin' boulders, y'all throwin' pebbles
That's why your verse is mundane, never special
n*gga, I'm so cinematic, my film aids crusades
Got POV footage of me and your loli
She blowin' my di*k like she puffin' the stogie
Then suckin' my soul till I'm skinny like Choji
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