Rage and Fantasy Cypher Verse lyrics



[Producer Tag: oddwin]
I can't even lose, don't matter if it's an odd win (Don't matter if it's an odd win)

[Verse: Shiki & Video Game Orchestra]
God has been summoned like Anima (Dormit deus faciunt)
These rappers simply aren't up to my caliber, Valefor
Flying and shocking, I'm droppin' these toxins
Throwing real shots, never shadow boxin'
Y'all outta' options, let's get it poppin' (Dormit perpetua)
Turn on my limit, my bars over overclockin'
f*ckin' a Goddess, that b*tch look like Shiva
That pus*y too magical, might need an ether (Might need an ether)
High in the clouds, but don't puff Sativa (Dormit deus faciunt)
Play my sh*t loud, Firaga your speakers
Oh, you think you better, my n*gga?
I'm Noctis, can't top this, my flow is too toxic
Foes gettin' nauseous, titan like Astral (Dormit perpеtua)
Yeah, I got swag' out the as*h*le
Rappеrs on Soundcloud are just my vassals
They wanna' beef, but not worth the hassle (But not worth the hassle)
Yeah, y'all baby like fetus, I'm O-G like Tidus (Dormit deus faciunt)
My main b*tch Yuna, but Lulu my mistress
Fly over seas on that fahrenheit
Rikku and Paine my ex, too, wanna' f*ck tonight, woah (Wanna' f*ck tonight, woah)
Never on Slowga, my flow always go (Dormit perpetua, my flow always go)
Harder than Wakka, yeah, yo' girl, she know (Yeah, yo' girl, she know)
When I walk in, wanna' f*ck me wit' haste
Swear to Jenova, that b*tch got no chaste (That b*tch got no chaste)
Sin Harvestry don't bother me (Dormit deus faciunt)
Shiki on oddwin beat? That's oddity
Will there be more in the future? Probably
Pray to your God, Yu Yevon, properly (Pray to your God, Yu Yevon, properly)
That be me, Shiki Mr. Tohno (Dormit perpetua, Mr. Tohno)
Go through the trial in my SisCon temple (SisCon temple)
This right here, just a n*gga spittin' simple
Still blitz combo' finish the instrumental

[Sample: [?]]
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