The Game

"Get Up (Live)"

Got, got to payback
I'm mad (Big payback)
Got to get back
I need some getback
This how I did it

[Verse 1]
I'm gettin' my kicks dirty, I'm blowin' my mid-30's
n*ggas they want me buried but, I'm in no hurry
Bullets flyin' in flurries
My gat don't work but I still need one to carry
And I bring the bereavement, when you hit the cement
Police picked me up to talk but I wasn't wordy
I remembered the song that was sang from the birdie
'Cause when he whistled he was pushin' up that milk thistle, get it?
These stupid n*ggas, they ain't playin' for keeps
Thеse n*ggas playin for cheap, they disobеyin' the streets
Never fear the inevitable, death will come
And when your breath goes numb, you lookin' up to the sheets
I seen it comin' and I'm watchin' the drama grow
And stressin' enough to break the needle and thread where mama sewin'
I'm slow-flowin', move back and forth like a boa
Still movin' hoes in twos to the boat, like I was Noah
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