Of Mice & Men



[Verse 1]
For a thousand days I watched the vultures circle overhead
And I counted the ways the world would be blessed when I finally reached my end
And I felt the weight of the world pushing me into the soil below
And I felt the desert sun above, while I tried to drink water from a stone

But I'm not ready to die alone

So can you wake me from my sleep
And show me now that this is just a dream?
'Cause I'm a whisper, once a scream
And I'm afraid of what's in store for me
Becoming obsolete

Become obsolete
Become obsolete

[Verse 2]
Another frozen frame, another glitch inside my consciousness
So I pick my poison and just choke it down until I start to spin
And while the world just slowly turns, I fade like fog into the sea
While the mighty galleon burns around me, I slowly start to sink
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