"God’s Lottery"

[Verse 1: Mike Posner]
I won God's lottery
And dad's still watchin' me
That's camaraderie, woah, woah, woah
The game ain't new to me
Ain't nothin' they could do to me
I ain't gotta wear jewelry
I still shine, I still shine on 'em, woo
Hair curly, I look like Zeus
I'm Omar Epps, I got the juice
I feel like the boss, go tell Bruce
I'm gettin' close to the truth

[Chorus: Elohim]
I think I got angels watching
My life just keeps on unlocking, oh
I'm gonna make it to the other side
I think I got angels watching

[Verse 2: Mike Posner]
Ladies and gentlemen, Pos' back with the real
Second meditation, tryna catch me a feel
A little bit of presence is all it took
Beard longer than a David Foster Wallace book
Nothing trumps time ever
Most underrated, Kawhi Leonard
Gheorghe Mureșan, I'm centered
Welcome to the world, fourth trimester
Tom Hanks said I'm dope
Don't know where I am, but I'm headed home
I might pop up in your city, dawg, you never know
And don't forget change is like a metronome
And the beard is like war paint
Duke game is my only court date
Outside all year, walkin' towards fate
My North Face isn't ornate
They shoulda never let me read Borges
The breakup hit me in a sore place
This is now a one-horse race
Everybody love me like my name is King George Strait, woo
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