Cuban lyrics


J.I the Prince of N.Y

[Verse 1]
100k for this Cuban and I ain't f*cking Cuban
My dawgs [?] like what the f*ck are you doing
Don't worry bout who I'm [?]
That's my goon take it up like Ku Klux, I'll head tap you for a few bucks

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I refuse to show these n*ggas
I got P-T-S-D-S, I suggest you don't get close my n*gga
But I don't want to stoop to that level cause you know I'm petty

I got a gun and he got a gun but he not gon shoot me cause I know he pus*y
And the edge is my favorite place to be I pray to god that they push me
Got my hand on that coochie I don't play with food but I play with that cookie
And I'm not poppin out for no reason you need 50 thousand to book me up (uh)

n*ggas talk hot but they not loud
Better stay in your place like a lockdown
Disrespect me you finna get shot down
Only dead bodies know how this Glock sound

Another piece for then neck I call it a new extension
Even with them hidden agendas I see your true intentions
(It's your true colors, true colors, true colors na-na-na-na)

You are not somebody I need
I walk with two choppas on me
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