"Save Me (Reimagined)"

[Verse 1]
This is the place that no one sees
I don't like to show
This is the darkness over me
It's just the world I know

Reachin' for the light
Reachin' from inside
Help me tonight

I'm closer to the edge (Tonight)
I'm standin' on the ledge (So why)
Won't you reach out your hand
To save, to save me? (Tonight)
I'm damaged if you dare (Tonight)
It feels like no one cares (So why)
Can't I come up for air?
Just save, just save me
What are you waitin' for?
Someone save me

[Verse 2]
Peel back the skin, exposed to you
Take pleasure in the pain
Tell me what I'm supposed to do
It ain't easy to open up this way
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