"Work L8 Outro"

I was just thinking (I was just thinking)
No (No)
What was you drinking? (What was you drinking?)
No (No)

Work late, then work out (Oh)
Roll up, then zone out (Yeah)
Plus I got a jezzy on the way (on the way, on the way)
Three stops from my house
Feet up on my couch
[?] now that's loud
Threesome now that's wild
Psycho, I'm so Cowell

Ice cold with a rifle
Yeah, I might go slide through like I'm Tyson on the mic tho
Beat up, put your ice clothes like I'm Ike though
Feet up with your teacup and your Trifle
Grease up, put your keys up on the side door
Knees up like you ride bike on my cycle
Please up, baby, speed up this is nitro
Ease up, baby, ease up, let the night go
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