"Counting On"

Natural Selection

Metro Green payin me
ULC check the commercials your TV be playing me
I take it way to be
I go n get it no fakers I deal with some real heat

Key to the kilo
You sip on your lean
I'm chasing my dreams
That blue and white Demon I need it clean
That red bottom blonde ain't been mean to me

Replenish the spot
You heard bout the knock
You wanna see Dezzy
Go talk to that cop
You heard bout my trap
You know what we got
n*gga f*ck what you do we be off when we want

Took the white collar all by the neck
Historical don't you forget it
V DESMOND part two as a reference
A ten dolla bill for da question

Mr. Patterson read me my Watterson
Mr. T with the starter kit
Parliament be in the building my gate keep a lock on
Mrs. Escobar call wit a drop on it

Da Vancouver skyline be making calls
We in Nova Scotia we not abroadl
We buying the sh*t for the cheap and we triple it
Ridin the wave and the ripples b*tch

It Stormy we stacking to make a hit
Lady Daniels she takin me on a trip
Ten four that four copies
The office b*tch
Don't be actin up cause I know the snitch

I'm sipping my water I'm eating out
My motto is get money over clout
To me you just look like you f*ck funny
Better pull up your hood if you float money

If you don't you a hoe and you out
I'm about it you know if you know if you don't then you dont
Never doubt me I don't need no more
But of course I got keep on the score blow it up like C4 on the door
Hella posh with a stoner demeanor
A potheaded
n*gga I'm eating
A queen by the beanie, don't mean to be blue or a meanie thats all I can be when I'm mawf*ckin beaming!

**I got 3 ten bands, 9 Lucys and I'm counting on
BK stamp that legal trappin and my pal the don
Tweed, Organigram, that Sundial got me hella gone
Prayed it lord I'm in a state, don't get me wrong

I got a brick on the pedal
My cases are all gon be federal
I take the shot, you know bout the plot?
I'm poppin off wether you like it or not


Betchu I get the bag I'm no criminal
But they be charging me double when rent is due
Hit me on a double direct deposit
I got 25 On me from Santa Claus

And it's hot

I get the bag from the show
I hit the road
Tumble and dry load

f*ckin with peace in America
Huncho lead me to Gucci Mane whereabouts

I be UP pulling armour trucks, yup
The ones with the bucks
They pull up on me with the keys in the breeze I be squeak, in a Cheeeeeeeeeee

Honey musta been rootin for me

f*ck off my floor less ya booties on
Let it go pop with the booty on
Girl Hit the split with the drop and my dude he gone
Whole Lotta did he? I'm booty Kong
Whole Lotta titty? N booty My dude he ON

I'm twisted and sick in the muhf*ckin head
Id pretend that I'm dead juat so you could forget me
I'm blessed don't test me I'm retchet like ratchet but my killin stories far fetched and nasty/// id have it

**I got 4 ten bands, 4 Lucys and I'm locking on
BK stamp that legal trappin and my pal the don
High Park Holding, Aqualitis got me hella gone
Prayed it lord I'm in a state, don't get me wrong
**I got 7 ten bands, 2 Lucys and I'm counting on
BK stamp that legal trappin and my pal the don
Breathing Green, AphriAurora got me hella gone
Prayed it lord I'm in a state, don't get me wrong

Boy what you need is some maw f*ckin head
b*tches telling you sh*t that you want to believe till they dead to you
Step out my way I'm ahead of you
Doggin Ms. Susan out back by the shed in the Kittie pool

I got my kush down on lock just like Red got Ms. Foreman to f*ck in the 70s
All of my sh*t is unblocked I ain't bluffing don't nobody know me it's honestly heavenly

I'm not a crip I'm just walking like how I was taught
Caught the palsy and talking the way they be talking
I'm bossin I'm flossing I'm shiny n glossy
Your momma told me that I'm mawf*ckin awesome

She weird wanna cuddle im downs my rebuttal to that back it up Imma butter that muffin
Naomi's a beast and she beautiful motha f*ckUH got the booty on point with a boujie glow

**I got ten ten bands, ain't a Lucy in sight
I flipped a chocolate brick to RedBull I be moving all night
I'm well connected with this Marijuana
Market Mulatto
I got good people underground
I got a couple of 5-0
Im getting twenty twenty bands
Don't be bothering me
I am that AC LTL 01 to NSLC
I let the dogs out like they gone to heaven
Finally free
I hit the mall with baby
Hear them asking who the hell he?

Who me?

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