Ole Napoleon lyrics


Hank Thompson

Ole Napoleon Bonaparte he was a mighty man
With his powerful army he conquered all the land
He conquered all the land

Everybody praised him, the battles he could win
They all talked about him, ole Napoleon
Ole Napoleon

He said if I must rule the world I think I need a queen
He found the girl he wanted her name was Josephine
Her name was Josephine

He fell in love with Josеphine and asked her nеxt of kin
If she would like to be the wife of ole Napoleon
Of ole Napoleon


Callin' all his Generals and he said it seems to me
All this mighty power's gonna be the death of me
Gonna be the death of me

He marched out in the battle and in a day or two
Napoleon was defeated he met his Waterloo
He met his Waterloo
They put him on an island to stay there till he died
And poor ole Napoleon sat right down and cried
Sat right down and cried

Now if you think you're mighty and your finals you will win
You may have a Waterloo like ole Napoleon
Like ole Napoleon
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