Baby I Need Lovin’ lyrics


Hank Thompson

[Verse 1]
Baby, I need lovin' in any kind of way
I need a warm sweet angel to let me have my way
Baby, I need lovin', that's all that's on my mind
Tender arms about me to squeeze me all the time

[Verse 2]
Well your eyes are an indication then you gently squeeze my hand
It stops my circulation, honey, don't you understand
Baby, I need lovin', there's just one thing to do
Get myself some lovin' from a pretty little girl like you

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 3]
Baby, I need lovin', I know you'd fill the bill
My heart would beat with laughter, you'd cure every ache and ill
Baby, I'd like to take you in my arms right now
And give you lots of lovin' and I really know how

[Verse 4]
It would be a great sensation to pull you close to me
And feel your respiration as I hold you tenderly
I've a burning passion that I can't subdue
Baby, I need lovin' from a pretty little girl
From a pretty little girl like you
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