Sam Smith


[Intro: Sam Smith & Daniel Kim]

[Verse: Daniel Kim & Both]
He's been hit hard by some from a religion
He's been hit hard by some from a race
So he hardens his heart, he coils into delusion
And he blocks off whatever they have to say
So he limits his listening to the movies and magazines
To the fortune 500 money making machines
He quotes the intellectuals supporting his truth
Even though they may have had a biased point to prove
And he thinks he's gonna live a fairy tale when he meets the one
Who has the qualities that he has been conditioned
To value more in a marriage he knows nothing of
While giving to her what he's learned to label as love
And then into fatherhood he bears children of his own
He passes down all the lies he's been ever told
So then they live the same cycle of life
All because he didn't question...

[Chorus: Both]
Why do I believe this is the purpose of my life?
Could it be that I believe this way because of...
Lies that have my perception of perfection ill-defined?
Please unhypnotize me as I ask the question

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