Sam Smith

"Before You Ask For Everything"

Before you ask for everything
Can I tell you where I've been?
Can I talk to you about my life and the saddest things
I've seen?

You see now I'm stood above this stage
Singing for you all,
You seem to think you've worked me out,
You're such a know-it-all

I'm not a poet,
I'm not a Linguist,
So the rhyme in this is simple,
But the voice you hear is the kid in me,
Who stills gets growing pains and pimples

Yesterday I walked off stage,
I found it hard to breathe.
I cancelled all my commitments,
And flew home over the seas.

See lately I've been feeling low,
A darkness keeps me blue -
I've always felt it deep inside,
Successfully kept it all from you.

But now I'm bursting at the seams,
My chest is getting tight.
I think there is something wrong with me:
My days now feel like night.

It's made my questionably regrettably
How much I want to live
I'm embarrassed, ashamed, and petrified
I have so much more to give

So I'll stop the show
Put down the drink
Throw poison down the sink
I'll turn away from what I love
I'll pray, I'll cry, I'll think

My mum will whisper 'you're okay'
My dad will kiss my head
My sister keep my laughing,
Till I'm safe and warm in bed

My friends will try to empathize
Their efforts fill me up
With joy and pain and gratitude
I'll slowly feel enough

I look around and realize
So many feel like me
So many people get this low
And feel anxiety

The only thing that helps me is the ability to talk
To write my problems down like this
On blackboards drowned in chalk

I wonder If I didn't have the outlet that I do
What do you think would be of me
Would I be here now with you

These questions go unanswered
This life is so insane
I guess I have to live with all this self-inflicated pain

So goodbye for now
I'm sorry if this poem was too sad
Before you ask me everything
Like You
I'm f*cking mad

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