Sam Smith


I don't wanna talk
Talk about the things that I fear
Open up my heart
Break down my walls for you
Baby I’m afraid
Afraid of losing you

Wanna tell you who I am
But I won't yet
Show you all that I can
But I don't yet
Can’t seem to float above it
I sink below the currents
Reaching for a hand
Save me if you can

Baby I'm a river
Open me up
You're the only one who can
Baby I'm a sinner
Not tryna break your heart
How can I show you who I am

I'm coming out the dark
Shaking off the shadows that haunt me
Covering my scars
Running farther away
Why won't you hold me just a little harder
You know I want that sh*t as much as you
Forgive me baby for the ripples in the water
I've got some things I'm holding in
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