Fly Away lyrics


Larry June

[Verse 1: A$AP ANT]
I pay little more 'cause I need it right now
I was too fresh to play on the playground
They notice me everywhere, they know my face now
Just like some semen, she always gon' stay down
Public enemy, I got the flavor
I need a lineup, I go get a taper
She pretty no makeup, I put the safe up
Just like a fat boy, I got my weight up
This not the base model, this is the fast one
Keep looking back, he know I'ma pass him
I got my gun, condom, Magnum
I got a knife, OJ, stab him
Beautiful life, that's all I fathom
Shoutout my Africans, them n*ggas scammin'
I'm off the radar, somewhere in [?]
Tropical lean with me, know I'ma pour it
I jump in the water, now I'm snorkelling
Audi 4 rings, no, I can't marry
Like I know Tinker Bell, talk to the fairies
I stand on all fours with my business like Bambi
My feet where it's sandy, you pull up in a Camry
Marvin Harrison catch it, throw it Manning
When I'm feeling hot, I tell her fan me
Switchin' the flow up, I'm not taking pay cuts

I'm about to flow away (Flow)
I'm about to flow away (Flow)
I'm about to float away (Flow)
I bought my b*tch some dope shades (Yeah)
Everyday Friday (Friday)
I'm 'bout to flow away (Flow)
I'm 'bout to float away, yeah (Flow)
I'm 'bout to float away (Flow)
Bought my b*tch dope shades (Dope shades)
Bought my mama Gucci (Gucci)
Bust this Louis (Louis)
I'm 'bout to flow away, ayy
I'm 'bout to flow away, yeah
I'm 'bout to flow away, yeah
I'm 'bout to flow away, yeah
I'm 'bout to flow away, yeah
Flow away, yeah
Flow away, yeah
Flow away, yeah
I'm 'bout to flow away, yeah
Flow away, yeah
I'm 'bout to flow away, yeah
I'm 'bout to fly away, yeah
I'm 'bout to fly away, yeah
[Verse 2: Larry June]
I'm 'bout to fly away just left the hideaway
Movin', groovin', sellin' ooh at the Holiday
Competition pistols just for the home inva'
f*cked up my leg, blew a bag today
I'm a fresh n*gga, keep the lawn clean
5.0 with them chrome things
Let me switch it up, Raris in the cut, Daytona wrist
I don't gotta rob, still mack a b*tch, n*gga, I'm the sh*t
Hide the mask up, the price rising
Whippin' yolo, rocking all designer
Milly rocking when the pack arrive
Stay focused, eyes dollar sign
Made a million off of monetizing
Take advantage, gotta capitalize
I roll a chop and then I analyze
I'm 'bout to fly away, ayy
I can't decide today, ayy
I'm getting money, you just fantasize
Kept it G, never told a lie
Actually, I keep it on my side
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