Devvon Terrell

"Week 2"

Ugh, I'm bored

[Verse 1]
God damn, oh here we go again
Chillin' at the crib, we ain't fit to do sh*t
We can't even sit and play space in this b*tch
'Cause that's just me and you when we got nothin' to do
And we watched everything on Netflix, yeah
And we checked every single message, yeah yeah
And we're so tired of all the groceries we already bought
But I'm glad you're here 'cause I got you to share all my thoughts
And you can find in me
And you can clearly see
That I'm always on your side baby
All we just sleep and eat
And everything between
Tomorrow baby what we gon' do

Same sh*t, new day, up in the crib and I'm chillin' with bae
Same sh*t, new day, up in the crib and I'm chillin' with bae

[Verse 2]
I can see your mood change, yeah yeah
But you don't ask me to do things
But I'm a real n*gga, so you know that I entertain you
Making paper planes that be both up in grey school
I know I sound kind of corny, but baby just escape from it
But honestly the world we both wanna escape from it, yeah
f*ck it up, let me see you move
IG life got the DJ's with the tunes
How about our own party baby it's just me and you
Tomorrow shawty what we gon' do
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