Laurie Anderson

"Rhumba Club"

Big blodie mooon
Its out tonight
Cast is right
On the rhumba club

Places pack smoke ...
People dancing everywhere
Feels like and old time year

Broken records get into the beat
Everybody get another hittin note?
On the rhumba club

Show little girl
At mcriophe
She standing all alone
She snina song calle me beauty
Some call me pig
She esiseaing baby
Sugar dady
Sugar pum
Dont you sing
Wanna be loved

Saymeslf oh oh
Its another big night
At the rhumba club

You ve there
To some mexican hats
Never know yo can dance laike that
The fire broken
Isay no
Another fire
Just another fire

Over on the bar is mum and dad
They say
Why dont you love me like aI wanna be love

And the stage
Thats when the police came
Youre the fire
I come this place
A place to the ground

Just another fight
In dream land

Just another fught in the dream light

Whats this spell
Winning in my head?

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